Vessel Handling

As ATOLL Shipping we make sure that all port formalities and services required by a variety of Liners, Tramp & Cruise Vessels calling at Male', are handled fast and efficiently. There are a number of luxury pleasure liners that call on us with their passengers. A number of containers, break cargo and tramp vessels also utilize our services. Right from speedy efficient off loading of cargo to re-loading new cargo each step is handled with precision and without delays. A compulsory pilot service is there to lead these vessels into safe anchorage during their stay. Maldives Port Authority is delegated by port rules to extend the services of expert pilots, and we arrange experienced private ones who knows the channels well to deviate in to other local ports. All services necessary are provided to make their call at Male' an effortless one.


Pre-Arrival Information required comprises the following:

ETA with vessels general particulars such as:

  • Name of Vessel
  • Name of Nationality of Master
  • Name and Nationality of Owner
  • Last and Next Port of Call
  • Type of Vessel
  • Port and Registration No.
  • DWT (if applicable) GRT / NRT
  • Displacement Tonnage
  • LOA & Draft

Call Sign and Frequency

  • Crew and passenger list should be sent to the local agent 48 hours prior to the arrival.
  • Crew and passenger list if difficult to send in advance, could be handed over to the inward clearance officers when boarded the vessel.
  • Compulsory Pilotage, Port & Our Contact on VHF
  • All vessels over 100 GRT require compulsory Pilotage service of the port for sailing as well.
  • Pilot boarding position is Long 073 32.00 (E) Lat 04 10.00 (N) Port control.
  • You can contact the Coast Guard on VHF channel 16 and SILCO on VHF channel 13.

Male' anchorage is demarcated as follows:

  • West of 73 Deg 30.43 Min(E), South of 04 Deg 12.60 Min(N) and North of 04 Deg 10.70 Min(N).
  • Vessel's carrying stowaways on board are accepted to enter port with a fine of USD 10,000.00.
  • Immediately arriving at pilot boarding position, please call on Harbor Control on Channel 10, Coast Guard on Channel 16 and we will be standing by on Channel 13 VHF.
  • As you anchor Coast Guard will board you first for their clearance followed by Customs, Port Health, Immigration and ourselves will board for inward clearance. These formalities will take about 1-2 hrs.
  • Changing anchorage position for any reason should be informed to the port before moving and just after anchoring in new position.
  • All vessel's after receiving out-ward clearance should inform harbor control before moving and sailing.
  • Immobilization and hot work should be done on vessels after obtaining permission from port.
  • Please keep us updated with any changes in ETA, in turn to inform Port accordingly.

Import Restriction exists on the following material:

  • Firearms and ammunition of any category for any use is restricted without a legal license or a permit from a concerned authority.
  • Pornographic materials and materials contradictory to the principle of Islam are also prohibited.

List of items prohibited:

  1. 01 Weapons and Gunpowder
  2. 02 Air Starter Unit
  3. 03 All kinds of addictive drugs
  4. 04 Spear Guns
  5. 05 Dogs, Pigs, and Pork
  6. 06 All kinds of poisons and acids
  7. 07 Dangerous animals
  8. 08 Pornographic material
  9. 09 Alcoholic beverages

Arrival and Departure Sailing

There is a Coast Guard (Contact - VHF Channel 16) restriction for all vessels to enter the port from 2300 hours to 0600 hours unless in an emergency. During the restricted hours, Pilotage service is levied double. Departures are possible any time (24 hours).

Health regulations

Yellow fever vaccination certificates are required only if the vessel had called at a yellow fever area within the 30 days prior to arrival in Maldives.

Prior permission has to be obtained through the local agent to import or keep any kind of animal or pets aboard all vessels calling at Maldives.


Vessels entering Maldives should display an international quarantine flag until the Port Authority's health officials grant health clearance. All vessels must also display their country's national flag along with the Maldivian flag from 0600-1800 hours.

Additional services extended by SILCO:

  • Sign off / Sign on, Crew & Passengers
  • Airport Meeting and Customs Clearance, Escort Service, Visa, Air Ticketing and Travel arrangements
  • Accommodation and all other services related to Public Relations.
  • Organizing Cruise Permit, etc.