Passenger Handling

With the continuous growth of tourism traveling in to Republic of Maldives we have expanded our service levels to serve the in and out bound passengers. We assist our passengers with providing correct information, better selections to complete their successful holiday in Maldives. Our friendly hospitality service levels has caused them to add Maldives as their yearly holiday destination of most of the tourists who enjoyed our services. This is a pleasure to us.

Passenger Reservations handle by normal working hours.

We wish for a pleasant stay in Maldives for all our customers.

Passenger Service Charge

    US$ 12.00 per departing passenger (Maldiven National)
    US$ 18.50 per departing passenger (Foregin National)

Insurance Surcharge:

US$ 2.00 per departing passenger

Exemption 1:
Foreign officials in the rank of Government Ministers and above

Exemption 2:
Passengers who transit Maldives for a period not exceeding 24 hrs during journey from one country to another.

Exemption 3:
Infants under two years of age.

Exemption 4:
Airline crew traveling under GD

Exemption 5:
United Nations Passport Holders 

Passenger charges should be included in the passenger ticket under code “BQ” for a total amount of US$ 14.00 for Maldiven National and US$ 20.50 for Foregin National. An Exemption Form is required to be filled at the Passenger Service Charge Counter for those passengers exempted from Passenger charges under categories 1,2,3 and 5 above.